Illinois Manufacturers Assocation

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Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner frequently talks about the need to grow the state's economy. However, manufacturers say the energy law he signed yesterday will make it harder for them to compete.

The law requires residential and business customers to pay a subsidy to Exelon so they can  keep nuclear power plants in Clinton and the Quad Cities open. 

Mark Denzler of the Illinois Manufacturer's Association says the hike in electric rates will cost some of his members millions of dollars per year.


A proposal in the Illinois House would require all state vehicles to be manufactured in North America. Some groups say it would hurt Illinois businesses.

The Department of Transportation and the Illinois Manufacturers Association are among those who oppose House Bill 3438. 

Randy Nehrt of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce says this could actually hurt Illinois businesses, especially those that supply parts to car manufacturers in Mexico.

Illinois Manufacturers Hope Slide Is Over

Feb 5, 2014

After promising growth in 2011 and 2012, Illinois manufacturers were left disappointed by a slowdown in 2013.