Illinois State Police

"Kennedy Expressway, Chicago 1993" by Flickr User Phillip Capper / (CC BY 2.0)

Illinois State Police say they're going to start cracking down on violence on Chicago-area expressways.

State police said yesterday that they'll start using aircraft, video cameras, undercover officers and covert vehicles as part of the Chicago Expressway Anti-Violence Surge.

The goal is to stop expressway shootings. Police say there also will be more uniformed troopers on the expressways.

State police officials say that over the last few years gang-related gun violence has escalated and shifted to Chicago expressways.


The Illinois State Police drones have flown nearly 50 missions since May, and the department says they are fulfilling the goal of making police work more efficient.

The state police was the first law enforcement agency in Illinois to get permission to use unmanned aerial surveillance vehicles. They’ve mostly been deployed at accident scenes, for a total of 48 hours of flight time.

Illinois State Police

State police are ramping up efforts to keep roadways safe during the busy holiday season.

There have been 821 fatal traffic accidents so far this year. That’s 58 more than this time last year.

Trooper Erin Lanthrop is a safety education officer with the Illinois State Police. She says authorities have placed emphasis on preventing the number from rising.


Millions of people are expected to hit the roadways nationwide this Labor Day weekend.  The Illinois State Police will be stepping up enforcement to help keep drivers and their passengers safe.

Illinois State Police District 16 Commander Captain Mark Karczewski says state police will have safety checks and increased patrols this weekend in what’s being called “Operation Fatal 4.”

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There are now 54 concealed carry instructors approved by the Illinois State Police. Anyone who wants to apply for a permit to carry a concealed weapon has to put in sixteen hours in the classroom and shooting range with an official instructor.