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Chronic wasting disease is a neurological illness that infects white-tailed deer. The bacteria causes the animals to lose basic functions and “waste away.”

Officials say the disease is making new appearances in 16 counties, including DeKalb, Winnebago, LaSalle, and Ogle counties.

Doug Dufford is with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. He says there’s no solution to eliminate the disease, but the department tries to control it.

A Chicago high school that would have been named after the nation's first African-American president is a casualty of the deal that prevented a teachers strike.

The deal that the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools reached late Monday includes roughly $88 million from a $175 million surplus from tax-increment financing, or TIF, funds.

The deal required several aldermen to sacrifice projects in their wards that would have been paid for with those funds.

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A new study of Illinois farmers has found that they are worried about property damage caused by feral hogs.

Researchers from the Illinois Natural History Survey said Monday that they reviewed surveys from more than 3,000 Illinois farmers.

The study found that 84 percent of the surveyed farmers in Illinois agree that feral hogs should be eliminated whenever possible.


Illinois' senior US Senator Dick Durbin is trying to lead by example.

He cast an early vote Monday in Springfield, and is encouraging others to do the same. 

"More and more people in Illinois are voting early. And once you do vote by mail, or come in early, that becomes your way to do things. A pattern of life,” Durbin said.

Early voting has been on the rise in Illinois since it was first offered in 2006. 

Before then, anyone unable to vote on Election Day in person had to give authorities a reason for requesting an “absentee ballot.”

Rauner Berates Trump's Years-Old Comments On Women

Oct 10, 2016
Carl Nelson / WNIJ

Rauner has repeatedly been asked about the presidential campaign and why he wouldn’t talk about it -- despite being the state’s top Republican.

He’s said virtually nothing about the race or his party’s nominee.

Speaking to Chicago reporters Monday, Rauner did have something to say in response to the Access Hollywood tape in which Trump talks about kissing and groping women.

"The rhetoric, the language, the statements in that tape that’s recently come out: disgusting, appalling, outrageous," Rauner said. "Beyond any reasonable bounds of decency.