Rep. Adam Kinzinger

U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger is optimistic about a change of energy in the White House under new Chief of Staff John Kelly. The Republican from the 16th Illinois District said Kelly can help the President reduce distractions.

“I think that he can control access in a way to keep the President focused and help him hopefully reduce some of the tweets that go out and use Twitter the right way, but not for an emotional way, and bring a real discipline to the West Wing that’s been missing," he said. "I think this could really be a turning point in this administration.” 

U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger has called for an independent investigation of Russia's connection to President Donald Trump's political campaign.  

Great Lakes Basin Transportation /

The parent company of the Great Lakes Basin Railroad submitted an application to the federal Surface Transportation Board Monday. 

The project would create a 261-mile railway that runs between Milton, Wis., and Pinola, Ind., passing through six Illinois counties. It's meant to bypass congested Chicago freight lines.

Northern Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger declined to elaborate on his presidential vote.   

The Republican visited Illinois Valley Community College yesterday to host his fourth-annual Youth Leadership Summit. The Ottawa Times reports he didn’t vote for Clinton or Trump, but declined to mention his specific choice, citing the secret ballot. 

Kinzinger Questions GOP Efforts On Obamacare

Sep 20, 2013

Update: Congressman Kinzinger voted with his party today to defund the Affordable Care Act and issued the following statement:

“House Republicans today voted to fully fund the federal government while at the same time protecting the American people from the ravages of the President’s unworkable healthcare law. It is now up to our colleagues in the Senate to continue this fight.”

Original story, which aired during Morning Edition on WNIJ, 9/20/13

A Republican congressman from northern Illinois doesn't agree with his party's efforts to defund the Affordable Care Act.