Lydia Urban Academy

A Rockford-based school-dropout recovery program has raised around $60,000 to stay open. 

The Lydia Urban Academy is a nonprofit program that helps 14- to 19-year-old students struggling with behavioral, social and learning deficiencies that make it difficult for them to succeed in a traditional school. Normally, Lydia recieves a large portion of its $200,000 annual budget from its parent organization, the Lydia Home Association.  However, the association told the Academy that there wasn't enough funding available to support the institution at the same level as in past years.

UPS is adding about 240 new jobs at its Rockford air hub. 

The new positions are part of a realignment by UPS, which will be shifting air operations out of Des Moines, Iowa. 

Spokeswoman Christine Hand says the Rockford facility is well equipped to handle the expanded capacity, and the new jobs allow UPS to schedule an additional package sort during the day.  She also notes that Rockford has been a source of high-quality workers. 

photo courtesy of City of Rockford

Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey has a new job lined up when he leaves office May 1st.

Rockford was the site of a second major soccer tournament over the weekend.  

MercyHealth Sporstcore Two hosted the Puma Champions Cup.  This tournament featured 540 soccer teams ranging in age from 8 to 19 that came in from across the country.  The Rockford Convention and Visitor’s Bureau says the event generated $1.9 million in local revenue.

Rockford business owner, bandleader, and local television icon Al Grace has died. He was 98. Grace owned Al Grace Appliance in Rockford and was known for the big personality he showed off in his wacky commercials, which ended with the tagline “Appliances…and other neat shtuff.”