Rockford Shigella Outbreak Reports 4 New Cases

Mar 24, 2016

The shigellosis outbreak in the Rockford area has risen to 152 cases. 

  The Winnebago County Health Department reported four new cases in the outbreak this month, and that the bacterium has spread beyond individual schools and daycare centers to the entire community.  Todd Kisner with the Department’s Center for Health Protection says the best way to prevent the disease, which can cause diarrhea and vomiting, is to enforce routine handwashing, particularly among children. 

Barmore Civil Trial Goes To Jury This Week

Mar 21, 2016
Susan Stephens / WNIJ

The civil trial against the city of Rockford in the 2009 police shooting of an unarmed black man is expected to go to the jury this week.

Mark Anthony Barmore was shot to death in the basement of a Rockford church by two white police officers in 2009. It was one of the city’s most racially-charged events in recent history.

Rockford PD Launches Body Cam Pilot Program

Mar 7, 2016
Flickr: West Midlands Police / Photo cropped from original

The Rockford Police Department is launching a body camera program today.

Thirteen volunteer officers will wear body cameras for a 60-day trial period. 

Douglas Pann is the city’s Assistant Deputy Police Chief. He says this kind of program hasn’t been done before with the department.

“It’s really a test-and-evaluate. Once they complete that, then we would look at other vendors also. But at this point, this will be the first one," Pann said.

Mercy Rockford Health System

MercyRockford Health Systems and Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey have reached an agreement on permit fees and specific development projects to allow a proposed $485 million medical campus to move forward.

The city announced Thursday that MercyRockford President and CEO Javon Bea and Morrissey agreed on terms for the City of Rockford to annex the 263-acre site at I-90 and Riverside Boulevard.

"School buses" by Flickr User JohnPickenPhoto / (CC BY 2.0)

The Rockford School District could save more than $1 million on fuel to run its buses this year.

Officials say the cost of diesel fuel has dropped to its lowest point in 11 years.

The district budgeted $2.1 million for fuel this year but has only spent $503,000. The final tab is likely to fall below $1 million.

The Rockford Register-Star reports district officials are eyeing the purchase of used buses to upgrade its fleet.