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Betsy Salgado

Feb 27, 2015

Betsy became a student at Northern Illinois University in the Fall 2014 semester. A freshman from Chicago, she is still deciding on a major and is exploring her options in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

She loves spending time with her family and having chill nights with her closest friends. She loves reading books that deal with history, feminism, race, and other kinds of topics. She has a cat named Mimo and a dog named Snoopy.

Something Worth Celebrating Every Day

Feb 27, 2015

As I was going through my newsfeed on Facebook Sunday night, I came across various posts from my cousins in Mexico. Each of them posted about February 15 as Day of the Woman in Mexico.

While at first I was excited and a bit jealous that there wasn’t a day commemorating a part of who I am, I then became appalled at the idea of having only one day in which women are celebrated.

If you ask me, women should be celebrated every day and in all kinds of ways. While it may come off as a bit arrogant, let’s face it: Women run the world.

A Simple Solution For Saving Monarchs

Feb 26, 2015

Thanks to the Illinois Tollway Authority for its plans to reduce mowing and rebuild milkweed habitat for the majestic Monarch butterfly. The Monarch population has dropped 90 percent in the past decade. It's been headline news across the country and on most major broadcast outlets.

It's because we are killing off the Monarchs’ plant of survival: the milkweed. In about 90 days, the roadside slaughter will begin, as Illinois road crews and farmers seem to have an addiction to mowing rural road sides.

Searching For A Different Search

Feb 25, 2015

As a librarian I’ve been helping people search for information since, oh, 20 B.G. – that’s the era “Before Google.”

In my first job at Chicago Public Library, we were responding to all kinds of quick information needs like, “Who won the 1980 World Series?,” or “When was the Great Chicago Fire?,” or “Who do I call for public aid?” We had file cabinets full of frequently asked questions and answers – arranged by subject. More in-depth questions were referred to subject-specific librarians.

Let's Let The Kids Play

Feb 24, 2015

It may be cold out, but it’s never too early to start thinking about mayhem, injuries, accidents and some of the other great things about being a kid in the summer.

Dubuque, Iowa, recently banned sledding in most of its public parks, citing risk of liability. That action continues a decades-long slide of paranoia about injury, lawsuits and other maladies that might affect our children.

Why have so many people taken leave of their senses?

A Different Definition Of Business

Feb 23, 2015

In the book, If Aristotle Ran General Motors, by Tom Morris, there was a profound quote about business. Tom Morris wrote: “Business is a partnership of people creating, in many ways, a better life for others as well as ourselves.”

The key word in this definition for my business and, I dare say, yours is the word partnership. Partnership, in this definition, is based on the question: What can I do for you to get you to cooperate with me? Weren’t we all raised with statements like: What goes around comes around; You reap what you sow?

When Is A 'Lie' Not A Lie?

Feb 20, 2015

Please don’t take this as a defense of Brian Williams about whom I, not being much of a TV news consumer, probably know less than you.

But if I had been on that second helicopter, there is no way I in the retelling wouldn't move up to the first. And it would have less to do with trying to look like a hero or stealing unearned glory and more to do with telling a good story. Listeners don't want you on the second helicopter; they need you in the middle of the action.

The Kind Of Love Worthy Of A Card

Feb 19, 2015

"All You Need is Love..."

It’s a great song, but it ain’t true.

What could I possibly say about this luscious, erotic, much-sought-after experience that has not already been said or sung by great masters?

Love is so important that the absence of it drives people to despair and wretchedness.

I found myself (with some amusement) watching the commercials urging couples to lavish the ones they love with flowers, candy diamonds and getaway weekends. Hmmmm.

The love I celebrate is not found on the inside of a card. It's messy.

How To Handle Being Told 'No'

Feb 18, 2015

This month the seventh-graders and I wondered about how to deal when people tell us no. In U.S. history, many groups are marginalized and told no over and over. Oddly, it happens so much during childhood that kids get used to being told no. They may believe that they cannot accomplish their dreams.

So we looked to Bessie Coleman for help. Nearly 100 years ago Coleman, an African American, dreamt of flying airplanes. Women then were not allowed to fly airplanes. In fact, African American women were not allowed decent schooling, jobs that paid well, or even basic respect.

Policing Policy To Empower Citizens

Feb 18, 2015

The headlines are wrong.  There need not be conflict between cops and citizens‎ in our communities.  In fact, there are policing strategies that reduce crime while empowering citizens.

The overarching strategy is community oriented. Rather than cruising in patrol cars, reacting to emergency calls, officers immerse themselves in the community and become part of it. They get to know citizens and their concerns.  Cops and citizens cooperate and develop an understanding.