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DeKalb Kite Fest 2016 - Video Slideshow

Sep 12, 2016
Carl Nelson/WNIJ

The 11th annual Kite Fest was held from 11am - 4pm on Sunday, September 11, on the NIU North 40, behind Barsema Hall.  The fest is organized by the DeKalb County Convention and Visitors Bureau. Kite enthusiasts traveled from surrounding states to take part in the festival.  An estimated 3,500 people were in attendance throughout the day. 

Evan Vucci/AP

The man who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan 35 years ago is now free.

John Hinckley Jr. has arrived "at his mother's Virginia home after being freed for good" from a mental hospital where he's lived for decades, The Associated Press reported. A federal judge granted his request for convalescent leave in July.

UW Health, University of Wisconsin--Madison

One health system in Rockford is part of a national advanced kidney donor program that began about a year ago.

Stephanie Harris of West Chicago started researching how she could get a kidney for her father in September. Harris was cleared to donate in January as part of a donor chain, but she wasn’t a suitable match for her father.

Wester Wuori

Jul 21, 2016

Wester Wuori is a marketing and public relations director in Rockford, where he has lived for more than 25 years.

He’s active in numerous community organizations, including Transform Rockford and Next Rockford. He also has worked on more than a dozen political campaigns in the last 10 years.

Wuori has a bachelor’s degree from Rockford University and a master’s degree from Northern Illinois University.

He and his wife live in Rockford with their two children. They are active sports enthusiasts and participants.

DeKalb IL Police Department Facebook Page

Several northern Illinois communities have reached out to their local police departments after five Dallas officers were killed in a sniper attack last week.

“In law enforcement, there is a bond and brotherhood of the understanding of what each other does in the performance of our duties, and anytime a police officer’s life is lost in the course of duty, it is a sad moment for all of us,” DeKalb Police commander Jason Leverton said.