Jenna Dooley

The Northern Illinois Steam Power Club is hosting its 61st annual Sycamore Steam Show and Threshing Bee this weekend.

Standing in front of a compound steam engine used to make ice nearly a century ago,  Rockford resident Dick Caudle says he has had a lifelong love for steam-powered engines.

Sycamore Swears In New Police Chief

Aug 8, 2017

Jim Winters took the oath to serve as Sycamore's new police chief Monday after the city council voted 7-0 in favor of his appointment. 

Winters joined the department last summer upon the retirement of the previous deputy police chief. He has been acting chief since his predecessor, Glenn Theriault, was placed on administrative leave after "un-arresting" an Elgin officer and colleague detained for suspected driving under the influence. 

Flickr user Gerry Lauzon / "Pulling out the stretcher" (CC v. 2.0)

Elevators in new structures built in Sycamore have to be wide enough to fit a two-foot by seven-foot ambulance stretcher in the laying-down position.

The Sycamore city council voted unanimously to pass the new elevator building regulation last week. The ordinance is effective immediately.

Sycamore Mayor Curt Lang says the regulations would only apply to future buildings that are two stories tall or higher. Older buildings are not required to comply.

A recent murder in Sycamore is bringing attention on domestic violence within the community.

37-year-old Lidia Juarez of DeKalb was found dead in her car outside the Illinois Department of Human Services, where she worked. Her estranged husband -- and a suspect in her death -- was killed in a shootout with police Friday afternoon.

DeKalb County records show Antonio Juarez violated an order of protection earlier this year.

City of Sycamore

Sycamore Police Chief Glenn Theriault announced his resignation Monday. 

It comes in the wake of an April 8 incident where an Elgin officer was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. Theriault was informed of the officer's detention and allegedly "un-arrested" the officer, releasing him without charges.