Tio Hardiman


The Democratic candidates for Illinois Governor convened at a progressive forum yesterday to stake out the distinctions in their campaigns.

Evanston state Sen. Daniel Biss started with a question.


“Are we going to listen to the insiders and let it be all about billionaires again, or are we going to build a progressive movement to make transformational change that we have needed for so long?" he asked. 


The Illinois primary election isn’t until next March, but campaigns are going strong. Most Democrats running for governor will take part in a forum Tuesday night at Northern Illinois University.

Kim Gates, a member of DeKalb Stands, says her group -- which helped organize the event -- was formed in reaction to concerns about the presidential election. Now, she says, they see the importance of being engaged politically at every level of government.

Brian Moline/Illinois Public Media

Money in politics was a big theme Thursday as Patricia Avery announced her candidacy for Illinois Lieutenant Governor on a ticket with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tio Hardiman.

Avery says that their campaign will be about people, not money.

“I really believe that money, power and influence has just taken over our democracy," Avery said, "and the people that I see every day -- and that I work with -- they don’t care about all that money.”