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An independent congressional candidate struggling to get his name on the ballot dropped out of the race. 

David Gill of Bloomington challenged the state  requirement that independent candidates collect 10,754 signatures.

"It's one thing to collect 740 signatures as the Democrat and the Republican are required to do, it's a whole other thing to do 15 times that," said Gill.  "It was an extremely arduous, demanding process."

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The U.S. House Republican Conference is scheduled to select its candidate for speaker Thursday to replace John Boehner, who’s leaving Congress at the end of the month.

The rifts in the Republican party that led to Boehner's departure are reflected in the thinking of House Republicans from Missouri and Illinois.

Illinois Reps. Support Federal Spending Bill

Jan 16, 2014
United States Congress

The budget bill that cleared the U.S. House Wednesday received widespread support from Illinois' Congressional delegation.

Rep. Jackson off on medical leave

Jun 26, 2012

Few details are being provided about the unexpected medical leave of absence that U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Chicago, began on June 10.

The three-sentence statement says Jackson went on medical leave just over two weeks ago. It says Jackson "asks that you respect his family's privacy."

A spokesman says the congressman is being treated for exhaustion. He had no further comment. Jackson's district offices remain open.