WNIJ Perspectives

Remember First Grade? Me Neither.

Jul 13, 2018

When I was about five years old, a man named Grady French told me that I had once sleepwalked from my bedroom to downtown Mart, Texas. To be sure, this was only three blocks of soporific strolling, but it was still no mean feat.

I have no memory of ever having done this. And I’m not even sure that Mr. French told me I had. Maybe I just dreamt the whole thing.

Words Have Power

Jul 12, 2018

Hitler called the Jews subhuman disease-carrying rats.

Words like these have been used throughout history to dehumanize groups and to make it acceptable to treat them like animals  --  to eliminate them, to perform experiments on them, to kill them. Dehumanizing words are part of a demagogue’s tool chest. The goal is to convince the public it is OK to mistreat those other, lesser people.

It’s tempting to look at the enormity of the Nazi holocaust, with the huge scale of the killing, as a one-time madness that infected Germany and was cured.

The #MeToo Backlash: We Can Do Better

Jul 11, 2018

The #MeToo movement created a swarm of energy and dialogue around the topic of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace.

The Power Of American Opportunity

Jul 10, 2018

Summer vacation allows kids this opportunity to live their own dreams for a short time.

Kids all around me are breaking down their classroom’s four walls to engage in a larger learning experience.  This month, I’ve seen kids taking classes, learning new instruments, practicing a foreign language, working a job, paddling the Boundary waters, exploring their minds, talents, and interests.  


These kids’ American Dreams of opportunity and learning inspire me.

Lost Children In A Lost Nation

Jul 9, 2018

“Dad when are you coming to get me?”

The father put the phone down, unable to speak. His sobs choked his voice.

He sat in his one room house deep in Mexico after being separated from his daughter at the border and deported.

We have all seen the photos by now. Children of all ages trying to sleep fully clothed in wire cages under aluminum foil. Some curled up in balls of terror. Others sobbing in the dark. Little ones crying out for their mother.