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With Respect And Gratitude ...

8 hours ago

Within the last few months, a few of my favorite movies have aired on television: Platoon; Full Metal Jacket; and Saving Private Ryan. If you have missed any one of these films, see it as fast as you can.

Each one pierces into an experience that the overwhelming number of us luckily have never known. War is not glamorous, and these films reflect that stark reality -- offering gritty, complex, and honest depictions of the physical, mental, and spiritual toll of war.

A Life Of Quality Content

May 26, 2017

At first glance, my 12-year-old grand-nephew, Frank, is like most boys his age.

He loves pizza, sleepovers with friends, and playing with the family dog. He even hosts his own YouTube channel devoted to Minecraft, Legend of Zelda, and the many other video games in which he has become proficient.

But beneath the surface lurks a reality of his daily life which no child should have to deal with. Now in the final stages of an aggressive cancer, he faces each day with courage, acceptance, and wisdom beyond his brief years.

The Peculiarities Of Policy

May 25, 2017

I have been thinking about “Policy” as of late -- in particular, about the question I hear increasingly asked: “Do we have a policy for that?”

More concretely, I am thinking about common sense; in particular, at what point in our development as a nation did we decide the need to legislate common sense in the workplace?

I am increasingly bothered by the preponderance of and desire for “policy” documents that simply spell out that which the majority of common-sense observing employees already follow.

And In The Middle Of It All ...

May 24, 2017

I read Facebook as much for the cute pet pics as reminders of whose birthday it is, but even the political views expressed are entertaining and even enlightening.

The problem is that politics is too divisive, and I am often troubled by both sides -- though typically one more than the other.

What ever happened to any middle-of-the-road outrage out there spouting off like the right or left? No one from the center is on Facebook, apparently; or, if they are, we never hear from them.

A Summer Dream Disappears

May 23, 2017

I know something is wrong with my bluebird. He sits on the edge of the bowl picking at his mealworms. Puffy and lethargic, he ignores his brood -- five nestlings waiting open-beaked in the nearby nestbox.

Scientists warn against anthropomorphism -- ascribing human characteristics to animals -- but I know a sad bluebird when I see one. I’ve been feeding this bluebird and his mate since mid-January, and today is Mother’s Day.