WNIJ & WNIU Day Sponsors

Day Sponsor messages can celebrate or honor a special occasion or person or encourage others to support Northern Public Radio - 89.5 WNIJ | Classical WNIU | NIRIS.  As a Day Sponsor, you will receive four personalized on-air announcements on a designated day on your choice of either 89.5 WNIJ or Classical WNIU.  To maintain consistency and ensure compliance with FCC regulations, the following policies apply:

Eligibility: Individuals who contribute a one-time gift of $365 or Sustaining Members who contribute $30 or more each month are eligible for a Day Sponsorship.  One-time gifts must be received before the Day Sponsorship will be scheduled.

Sustaining Members: Qualifying Sustaining Members will receive their Day Sponsor invitation in December and will be eligible to select from available dates within the coming year.

Scheduling: Day Sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  No more than two Day Sponsorships, or eight total Day Sponorship messages, will be broadcast per day on either 89.5 WNIJ or Classical WNIU.   We try to accommodate all requests, but encourage you to be flexible and have alternate dates in mind.  To allow for scheduling, approval and production time, we require at least 14 calendar days of advance notice for Day Sponsorship messages.  Day Sponsorships must be used within one year of WNIJ's receipt of the qualifying contribution.

Message Requirements

  • Day sponsorship announcements must include the first and the last name of the donor.   Anonymous announcements are not permitted.
  • Day sponsorships are not available to businesses or organizations, and may not reference such.
  • Day sponsor messages can not be used for promotional purposes.  FCC regulations prohibit day sponsor messages containing political or religious messages.
  • Messages may not include “calls to action” requesting others to attend, contribute, volunteer, etc.  
  • Day sponsorships need to be written in the third-person and cannot include first-person personal pronoun (I, me, we, us, etc). 
  • WNIJ copywriters are available to work with Day Sponsors to create a personalized message.

Message Format

  1. Day Sponsor messages will begin with the opening statement: “Support for WNIJ/WNIU comes from Today's Sponsors"
  2. Donor’s first & last Name (To assist our staff, please provide phonetic spelling of  commonly mispronounced names or words)
  3. Select one:
    • Celebrating
    • In honor of
    • In Memory of
    • Thanking
    • Recognizing
    • Wishing
    • Congratulating
    • In recognition of
  4. Personalize in fifteen words or less.
    ...celebrating Mary's 50th birthday

On-air, the example message would read,

"Support for WNIJ comes from Day Sponsor, John Smith, celebrating Mary’s 50th birthday."

Please complete the online Day Sponsorship Submission Form or download, print and mail in the PDF below. Call (815) 753-9000 if you have any questions or need more information.